4 Steps To Take To Clean Blinds

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4 Steps To Take To Clean Blinds: From The Experts at Summit Blinds

Most people have blinds in their homes for privacy and to keep the sun out when it is not wanted. However, blinds can be one of the more difficult items in the house to clean due to all of their part. For this reason, it is easy to neglect them and not clean them until they are really dirty, and cleaning becomes a huge project. Regardless of what kind of shape the blinds are in, here are four steps to take 4 Steps To Take To Clean Blinds.

1. Clean Blinds Regularly

As with most items, it is easier to clean blinds when they only have a little coat of dust or dirt rather than when they are caked with grime that has accumulated over the past few months or years. It is a good idea to take a duster or cloth and go over the blinds on a regular basis, about two to three times per month. There are several ways for someone to get into a regular cleaning schedule, including:

  • Setting aside time each weekend to clean various items in the house, including the blinds
  • Cleaning the blinds each time they clean the kitchen, bathroom or another room in the house
  • Going over the blinds quickly with a duster when talking on the phone

Once a homeowner gets into a routine of regularly cleaning their blinds, they will find that doing so is much less difficult than attempting to have clean window treatments after months of neglect.

2. Purchase Appropriate Cleaning Materials

Before beginning a regular schedule of cleaning blinds, the homeowner should make sure that they have cleaning materials on hand. Some of the items to consider purchasing include:

  • A small, soft cloth to wipe the blinds with
  • A bucket for carrying warm water to the location of the blinds
  • Dish soap or another gentle cleaning formula
  • A vacuum for reaching dust and dirt in hard-to-reach places of the blinds

There is nothing more disappointing than having lots of motivation to clean and then finding that there are no cleaning materials on hand. To avoid this, purchase everything needed to clean blinds beforehand.

3. Be Gentle

Blinds can break easily, especially if they are smaller or of a lower quality variety. When it comes time to dust each slat with the microfiber cloth, take care not to pull or tug on the blinds. Being rough during the cleaning process can cause the slats to break on the entire set of blinds to fall down. When using the vacuum to remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas, make sure the attachment on the end of the device will not scratch the blinds.

4. Clean Up After

After wiping down the blinds, probably the last thing anyone wants to do is clean something else. However, all of the dust from the blinds went somewhere like the floor or nearby tables, so make sure to clean those things as well.

Want Clean Blinds?

If these steps are not enough to get clean blinds, it could be time for new ones. Contact us to learn more about our selection of window treatments.