Faux Wood Blinds

If you love the look of wood but are looking for a durable, affordable option, this option may be the perfect solution.

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Budget Friendly

When you want the look of wood but can’t quite get past the price tag, this option may be the perfect solution. Thanks to careful craftsmanship, you will never spot the difference between our faux and genuine wood blinds.

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Easy To Maintain

While natural wood is beautiful, it can also require a careful maintenance schedule. These kind of blinds are moisture-resistant, durable, and fade and crack free.

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Versitle Options

Just like our genuine wood blinds, these blinds have a variety of cordless options and control customizations.

Modern Innovation Meets Classic Style With Faux Wood Blinds

This style of blinds are constructed from engineered polymer that will not fade, crack, or chip over time. They’re the long-lasting and sustainable option. Choose from natural wood textures, a variety of stains, and different finishes to give the binds the same look as classic genuine wood. We bet you can’t tell the difference!

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Let the knowledgeable team at Summit Blinds provide a free in-home estimate where we can discuss the style and features that are important to you and find a solution that fits your budget.