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Practical Benefits of Blinds and Shades

  • Light & Temperature Control: Easily adjust blinds and shades to control sunlight, reduce glare, and manage your home’s temperature for comfort and energy savings.
  • Privacy: Choose from a variety of materials and opacity levels for the desired level of privacy.
  • Style & Versatility: Blinds and shades come in countless colors, textures, and materials to match any home or office decor.
  • Durability: Modern blinds and shades use high-quality materials that resist fading, warping, and cracking, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

Personal Service

We understand that choosing the right blinds and shades can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer personalized consultations to help you find the perfect options for your needs, style, and budget.

Vertical Blinds Hanging In Neatral Bedroom

Blinds and Shades in Park City, UT and Rexburg, ID

With over 20 years of experience selling and installing all types of window blinds to Park City, UT and its surrounding areas. We take pride in our reputation as a family business that prioritizes outstanding customer service. Summit Blinds also provides Blinds and Shades to residents of Idaho. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your bring beauty and efficiency to your home or business in Rexburg and the surrounding areas of Idaho, give us a call. We are your trusted option for Blinds and Shades for Idaho residents. We offer our same comprehensive and personalized service to all of our markets. 

Why Consider Blinds and Shades Over Curtains

When choosing window treatments, there are several practical reasons to consider blinds and shades:

  • Easy Maintenance: Blinds and shades typically require simple dusting or wiping, unlike curtains which may need to be taken down for washing or dry cleaning.
  • Installation: Blinds and shades often have simpler installation compared to curtains, which may require specialized rods and mounting hardware.
  • Style Longevity: While curtains can be subject to changing trends, blinds and shades often come in neutral colors and materials that remain stylish for longer periods.
  • Light Control: Blinds offer precise light adjustment through tilting slats, while shades provide varying levels of light filtering depending on the material.



Which Product is Right for Me?

We have so many options from which to choose. Think about your budget, home decor, sunlight patterns, and energy costs.

Aluminum Blinds in Bedroom
Aluminum Blind Icon

Aluminum Blinds

These cost-effective blinds have been around for decades, but there have been some modern improvements. View our options that are resistant to dust and water. We also have cordless, push-button operated blinds to avoid the hassle of strings and awkward retraction angles.

Honeycomb shades in bathroom
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Honeycomb Shades

Available in a variety of colors and hues, honeycomb shades can even function as blackout window treatments. They hold their crisp shape throughout the years, rarely bend or break, and help resist the outside air to keep your energy costs low.

Duel shades in living room
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Dual Shades

Attractively designed with two-tone color options, alternating panels of solid and sheer create a contemporary look that ensures privacy and climate control. The sheer panels customize the amount of light you let in, and the solid panels fully block the light when you need them to.

Roll shades hung around soaking tub
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Roller Shades

These are a single rolled-up panel of fabric that fully covers your window and moves vertically. They can be adjusted to the halfway, quarter, or three-quarters position, depending on how much of the outside world you want to see. With over 500 fabrics that fit this design, they are one of the most versatile options.

Wood Blinds
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Wood Blinds

Elegant and sturdy, wood blinds have a natural rustic texture and earthy coloration that creates a charming glow inside the room. They also keep heat out, due to their thickness and width.

Faux wood blinds in modern bedroom
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Faux Wood Blinds

With all the elegance of wood blinds at half the cost, these blinds will help accent a room and provide all the benefits of blinds while keeping budget in mind.

Vertical blinds in living room Summit Blinds
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Vertical Blinds

These versatile window coverings are ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of sliding doors and full-length windows.

Woven Wood Shades in Kitchen Window Summit Blinds
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Woven Shades

These exquisite window coverings are crafted from beautiful natural fibers. They will not only enhance the aesthetics or your room, but also create an inviting atmosphere

Hand pulling down blinds

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Peruse our website for a professional portfolio and gallery of our past projects. We work personally with you to come up with a window treatment solution that fits your budget and your goals for decor. If you like what you see, contact us today for a free consultation and in-home estimate.

There is no time like the present when it comes to beautifying your home. If it has been several years since you updated your window treatments, it’s probably time for a change. Trust the experts at Summit Blinds. Previous customers have shared that we are personable and knowledgeable. and responsive to individual needs. Get in touch with us today and begin beautifying your home.

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