Trend Forecast for Blinds and Shades

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Interior design trends constantly shift with the times, but one thing that never changes is the impact your windows have on your home’s look and function.  As a new year brings new options for your home, don’t overlook the value of keeping your blinds and other window decor up to date.

Wood Blinds – A Timeless Trend

The warm, natural feeling of wooden blinds helps their popularity increase year after year. Wooden blinds are better insulators than less expensive window dressings, but their classic form adds as much to their value as their great function does. While wood blinds are perfect for traditional decor, their variety of colors and finishes extend their range to many home styles, from laidback to elegant. Real wood blinds demonstrate why some trends never end.

Natural Woven Shades for Earthy Luxury

Woven shades made with natural fibers like bamboo or jute are a perfect fit for interiors that emphasize sustainability and harmony with nature. While the organic feel of these shades may lend them environmental credibility, their eye-catching looks make them a stylistic powerhouse as well. The variations in texture and shading from the natural materials give your shades a unique richness and authenticity.

Honeycomb Shades for Practical Versatility

Since the only constant in life and design is change, the endless adaptability of honeycomb shades is overdue for some recognition. Like wooden blinds, these shades bring extra insulating power to your windows, due to the air buffer provided by their honeycomb cells or pockets. What’s especially sweet, however, is the way honeycomb blinds let you change your style from traditional to bohemian to modern without having to give a thought to whether your window treatments fit in.

Faux Wood Blinds: Where Style Meets Savings, and Stays There!

Want the timeless elegance of wood blinds without the sticker shock? Choose faux wood! It captures all the style you love – a variety of finishes to complement any room – but keeps your wallet happy with a budget-friendly price tag.

Plus, you get more than just savings:

    • Durability: These blinds stand up to wear and tear, making them ideal for busy homes.
    • Easy Care: No wood-warping worries here! Just a quick wipe keeps them looking fresh.
    • Trendy Refresh: Tired of your space? New faux wood blinds are a quick and affordable way to update your décor.

Ready to add style and savings to your windows? Contact Summit Blinds today! We’ll help you find the perfect faux wood blinds for your home.