Which Types Of Blinds Block Light The Best?

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The light in a room has a big impact on defining the space. Brighter areas lend themselves to more activity while darker areas can enhance calm and focus. As you design a room, you may want to block nearly all outside light at times whether for rest or to achieve a certain aesthetic. Your window coverings are a factor, so choosing the right blinds will help you achieve this.

Roller Blinds

When you want to really shut out light, roller blinds are a great choice. They are made of one piece of material so there are few gaps in the window treatments. This allows you to pull them down and shut out all extra light. For people who have street lights or security lights near their windows, this can help them sleep better.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are another good option to function as blackout blinds. They offer a lot of light filtering which allows you to choose the level of light blocking you need. Use a lighter set of shades in an office and darker ones in a bedroom or media room.

Dual Shades

For more choice and contrast of color, dual shades could be right for a space that needs a bit of light control. Customers can pick unique combinations for each set. This allows you the opportunity to create blinds that offer a bit of light diffusion or complete blackout darkness. It’s also easy to match the tones in the shades to colors that work with the design of the room.

Create the Room You Want With Blinds

You never have to settle for less-than-optimal lighting in your rooms. A few smart choices with window treatments will make things much more pleasant. If you’re ready to find what you need at a great blinds store in Park City, check out the options at Summit Blinds and design the space you’ll love.